Welcome to Arcade UFO

Established in 2008, Arcade UFO is Austin’s premiere Japanese-style Game Center! Fighting and Music Games are our specialty.

Our goal is to bring you the newest and most interesting arcade titles from Japan, Korea, and the USA while providing a haven for the fighting game, music game, and racing game communities.

At the same time, we respect the origin of arcades and always try to feature a few great classic games with our limited space. Our goal is to continue Austin’s decades-long tradition of community-based video arcades and competitive gaming.

We welcome gamers of all ages!

Latest News & Updates

ArcadeUFO turns 10!

Posted on: August 13, 2008

It's hard to believe UFO has been around for 10 years, but on August 13, 2008, UFO held a trial opening, and opened for regular business a couple weeks later. We've happily been a home to the fighting and music game players of ATX ever since. We are so grateful to our loyal patrons, especially those of y'all who have been around since the beginning. UFO is not just a place it's a community, you are what makes the arcade great, and we thank you.

We have some new games to announce!! In celebration of our decennial anniversary, we'll be getting a total of 5 new cabinets! SoundVoltex IV: Heavenly Haven, Beatmania IIDX 25: CannonBallers, and Initial D 8: Infinity! In addition to the new games, we'll also be upgrading our Pop'n Music cabinet to a newer model. We'll have collectible character cards stocked for the new Pop'n cab, as well as IC cards for Initial D. Keep an eye on our facebook for the latest news on when the cabs will be arriving!

SFIII Third Strike Tournament

Posted on: April 8, 2018

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

It's that time again! Join us on April 21st at 8pm for a SFIII: 3rd Strike singles tournament! Grab all the details at the Facebook page. Third Strike is still alive and well at UFO, and we are very proud to be one of few arcades in the states running 3S in Japanese cabinets. Don’t miss this chance to come see some high-level play! The tournament will be streamed live and recorded at twitch.tv/arcadeufo.

fight for the future.

Happy New Year!

Posted on: January 18, 2018

2018 will mark Arcade UFO's 10th anniversary, and we’re starting the year off strong with plenty of new games! SFV:AE and Season 3, along with Dragonball FighterZ are now on all setups, and we’ll be hosting SFV weeklies every Friday! Be sure to follow on facebook for the latest information about events. There's also a second Jubeat cabinet now! Both have been updated to the latest version and support versus play between the two machines.

But… The addition we’re most excited about is Pump It Up PRIME 2! Pump It Up is a Korean dance game, and is one of the most popular music games in the world, with dedicated fans in Korea, the Americas, and SEA. PRIME 2 is the latest version of the game, supporting online leaderboards, user profiles, and regular music additions through online updates. We have “AM PASS” cards for sale so players can make full use of all the online features! Come check it out:

Pump It Up Prime 2

Keep an eye out for more announcements soon, we want to make this a year to remember. And Thank You for Playing.

Head-to-Head is back!

Posted on: September 29, 2017

We’ve re-arranged the back room, and the Delta cabs are now in a head-to-head layout once again. It feels like old times! We’ve also brought in a few more cabinets: Driller G and Soul Calibur 2 are now on the floor too! There are more additions and announcements coming, stay tuned!

New Website

Posted on: September 27, 2017

It’s about time we refreshed the website! The games page has been updated and now has a complete listing of games on location at the arcade, including our library of console games! We will be keeping the list of games up to date as we adjust and expand our lineup in the coming months, and post major updates here on the news feed. Follow us on facebook for more updates, and details about our tournaments!

Arcade UFO: Under Fresh Ownership

Posted on: September 9, 2017

Arcade UFO is now under new ownership! We are all eagerly looking forward to serving the Austin gaming community, and maintaining UFO’s reputation as the place to be for fighting and rhythm game players in central Texas. There are lots of changes and new additions in the works! Be sure to follow us for updates as we continue with repairs and expand our lineup!

We would also like to thank the previous owners for the hard work and dedication that it took to get UFO off the ground, and give it a name in the US arcade scene. Without their passion the arcade could not be what it is today. UFO has come a long way in its first nine years of operation, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!


Tekken 7 Weeklies

When: Saturdays, signups at 7PM

Info: 8$ Entry fee, includes casuals before/after

SFIII Third Strike Monthlies

When: Monthly, see facebook for details.

Info: 8$ Entry fee, includes casuals before/after

Soul Calibur VI bi-Weeklies

When: Every other Saturday, signups at 3PM

Info: 8$ Entry fee, includes casuals before/after

Event times subject to change, be sure to follow us on facebook for more information about our events!


  • Monday-Thursday: 6pm-12am
  • Friday-Saturday: 1pm-2am
  • Sunday: 1pm-12am


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