Location & Hours

  • 3101 Speedway Austin, TX
  • Mon-Thu: 6PM-12AM
  • Fri-Sat: 1PM-2AM
  • Sun: 1PM-12AM

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  • Left Side (5 spots)
  • Right Side (3 spots)


  • Helms St. (All day)
  • Speedway (After 6PM)
  • 31st St. (After 7PM)

Please do not park in front of other businesses in the lot, as they need the spots for their customers and will tow if necessary. Observe marked signs as you must parking anywhere in the city. If you're unsure about where you parked, please ask an aUFO attendant!

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Our goal is to bring you the newest and most interesting arcade titles from Japan, Korea, the USA and other countries while providing a haven for the fighting game, music game and racing game communities.

We opened Arcade UFO to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Einstein's Arcade (R.I.P.). Our goal is to continue Austin's 20+ year tradition of community-based video arcades.